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Indie Patterns and Supplies!

The Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern Contest is just weeks away! Are you deciding what to  make and what Indie Pattern to use? I am! I’m so excited to join in the fun this year. I have a couple of favorites: Colette … Continue reading

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Hot Hawthorn!

Now here’s a Hawthorn to remember! It’s modeled by my lovely daughter who has come to CA for a short visit. She lives in Phoenix, but has been traveling a lot lately. She just got back from Chicago, then she’s … Continue reading

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Hawthorns with FBA and SBA

I’m in the middle of two Colette Hawthorns this week. I met up with both daughters and was able to mark the hem for one and discuss possible alterations on the sleeves for the other. Both live in different cities, so … Continue reading

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The Hawthorn Parade!

I’m thrilled to be in Colette’s Hawthorn Parade. From this group 5 will be selected to win prizes. Please stop by Colette’s and enjoy the fabulous variations of the Hawthorn. It’s amazing what individuality and creativity can start with a … Continue reading

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The Hawthorn Dress Renamed!

I had the pleasure of reading Barbara Kingsolver’s latest novel “Flight Behavior”. It’s about a woman from a small town who is not sure about where life is taking her, but finally figures it out through a series of events … Continue reading

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Preparations for More Hawthorns

I took a sewing lesson on Craftsy for fitting a muslin and I have been practicing. First, I decided to make a muslin and adjust it to fit as I had learned. “Sew the Perfect Fit” by Lynda Maynard guides you through … Continue reading

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New Fabrics for Colette Hawthorn Dress

Here are some lightweight, cool, 100% cotton fabrics that I can use for making a Colette Hawthorn summer dresses. Now that I have made the muslins for two uniquely sized women, I’m anxious to start sewing up the real thing … Continue reading

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