Life is a Carnival Quilt

fullsizeoutput_2d4aI started this quilt back in the 70’s with great intentions of making this fabulous fun quilt for my girls when they were little. It turned out to be harder than I thought and more time consuming than I expected. I completed the center part and the bottom panel, all by hand (note that this was way before rulers, rotary cutters, and fusible appliqué paper). The pattern that I followed had blocks of appliquéd carnival rides all around the center of the quilt. The thought of hand turning and hand stitching all those itty-bitty pieces was daunting. That’s when I stored it away for another day.

fullsizeoutput_2d4bSo 2017 rolls around and all my girls are grown up. While organizing my stash, I came across the unfinished carnival quilt top. I’m a quilter and semi-retired, so now I should think about how I might finish it. I ended up trimming it with rulers and my rotary cutter and eliminating about 4 inches between the bottom panel and the center panel. I completely removed the top panel. It was not that interesting and made the quilt too long. Finally, I made a variation of a pinwheel out of vintage fabrics for the vertical borders. For the top and bottom, I pieced together borders with the left over vintage fabric.

IMG_5368I added vintage buttons to the center of each pinwheel, then I sandwiched it, and prepared to free-motion-quilt using my Elna 680. It does a pretty good job, but I’m the one who struggles to keep my stitches even. Despite the imperfections, I had fun using different colors of thread and coming up with the quilting designs. I always use bobbin thread that matches my quilt back so it blends in nicely.

fullsizeoutput_2d4cI’m really happy that I was able to finish what I had started over 20 years ago! It needed to wait until I had better quilting tools and more experience. I’m a person who likes to finish what they start and this quilt is certainly proof of that!

I’ve entered it in the local Redwood Empire Fair…… I’m hoping for a ribbon. 🙂

IMG_4746Happy Sewing!


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1 Response to Life is a Carnival Quilt

  1. Maria says:

    That’s good that it hadn’t aged or the material deteriorated when you pulled it out to work on it again. I’m so glad. Looks great!


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