Pink and Blue Charity Quilt

fullsizeoutput_2d3dHave you ever had clothing that you just could not part with? The fabric just begging to be kept and eventually made into something else?

fullsizeoutput_2d3cThis little lap quilt is made from pieces of dresses and shirts that I just couldn’t let go of. I’m very pleased with the result of this particular combination of fabrics. It’s sweet and happy looking.

IMG_5079For a change of pace, I enjoy a good upcycle of fabrics over purchased fabrics. It’s a great way to save the resources of our planet, even though it is such a small contribution.


free motion quilting on my domestic machine

The greater contribution is the joy found in creating it and the pleasure of giving it away. This quilt will go to our local children’s shelter and will be given to a child or teen. My hope is that it will bring comfort and warmth to them during difficult times.

fullsizeoutput_2d3aOur local group of charity quilt makers, make hundreds of handmade quilts for the children in our community. We purchase most of the materials and greatly appreciate donated fabric.

fullsizeoutput_2d3bIf you would like to donate fabric to our charity quilt makers, please contact me. We use only 100% cotton fabrics. Thank you!


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