Featured in Sewing World Magazine


Sewist.com, one of several sewing and crafting social media sites, is featured in the February Edition of Sewing World Magazine. As part of the team, I’m flattered that Sewist is represented so thoroughly in the article. The website, Sewist, is the genius idea of Natalia K., my boss. I’m a consultant, blogger, social media promotor, and the expert sewist with our own pattern company Lekala.co, where I provide customer service to patrons who need help with their sewing projects.

Our site, Sewist is an international community of sewists, designers, and crafters, that come together to share projects, purchase patterns, join groups, use tools for storing and managing fabric stash, sell and buy patterns, find job opportunities and many more features yet to come!

The article  in Sewing World Magazine says it best!


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.56.31 PM

Read the rest in Sewing World Magazine! And visit their links here:


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