So Long, Marianne!

IMG_0049I love this cute knit dress designed by Christine Haynes. The Marianne has a 60’s vibe and can be made up easily in a variety of knits and styles.

marianne-dress-front_compact marianne-dress-back_compact  The one I’m wearing is a practice muslin that I made to  check the fit and style. I decided to play around with an old lace top that was gifted to me. I cut the front yoke from the back of the lace top and the back yoke from the front of the top so that I could use the existing button closure. I also used the lace cuffs with the buttons on the end of the 3/4 sleeve.


IMG_0061My daughter happened to be visiting so I took advantage of her adorable cuteness for a photoshoot.


She agreed, but wanted the dress made a little slimmer and shorter. Later I would make a second Marianne that I entered in the Super Online Sewing Match hosted by Sew Mama Sew. You can see and read all about that dress here.


The wild jersey print was a mystery blend that I purchased on the sale table at Beverly’s Fabric. It’s hard to find inexpensive knit for muslins in my tiny part of the world, so when there happens to be something worth getting, I usually stock up. 🙂


I am busy working with Natalia on her new sewing social site, so my actual sewing time has been cut in half these days. But that’s perfectly all right with me. I’m very excited to be a part of Sewist and all that it has to offer. I hope you will stop by and take a look around!



Our mission is to create a sewing site that promises to be a useful tool for all those who enjoy sewing and creating with fabric.



What about my post title? It is in honor of this song written in the sixties:

The song was inspired by Marianne Jensen (later Marianne Ihlen), whom Cohen met on the Greek island of Hydra in 1960. Cohen said she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met.[2] She had recently been left by her husband, the Norwegian writer Axel Jensen, leaving her and her six-month-old son alone on the island. The two hit it off, and Cohen ultimately took her from Hydra back to her home in Oslo, Norway. He later invited her and her son to live with him in Montreal, an offer which she accepted.[2] The two lived together throughout the 1960s, commuting between New York, Montreal, and Hydra. (Wikipedia)

Happy Sewing!


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3 Responses to So Long, Marianne!

  1. fabricfan says:

    It looks good on you both!


  2. Connie says:

    As always I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Keep them coming. Your latest dress was absolutely adorable.


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