Time to Vote!

I’m proud to be part of the collective over at The Monthly Stitch. We are a group that has recently reach 1000 members! Of course we all love sewing and that brings us together each month in a theme related challenge. We post our sewing contribution along with pics and comments. Some of us are more active than others. Many just follow and comment and don’t always sew every month.

Once a year The Monthly Stitch hosts a 4 week contest to recognize and celebrate independent pattern designers. This week there are 15 finalist and I am one of them with my entry “Riding That Train”! I encourage you to pop on over and look at all of the great entries. You can vote for up to 3. I would love it if I was one of your picks! Thank you!

(The Monthly Stitch)

“Finally the judges have the 15 finalists picked and now it’s your turn to vote.

Voting is open from now and closes at midnight on June 20th (24:00 UTC)

You can only vote once but you can select up to three entries before you hit the vote button.”


About SeamQueen

Seamstress, Sewist, Artist, Fashionista, Quilter, Upcycler, Textile Obsessed!
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