Sewing Round Up 2014

Another fun and fabulous year of sewing is coming to an end! I enjoyed every minute of it too. It was a wonderful experience to edit for Lekala, participate in the Monthly Stitch, and be a member of The Ready to Wear Fast. I’m looking forward to another great year of participation in the sewing groups, sewing for customers, teaching sewing lessons, and editing for Lekala. Since I have plenty of dresses, I’ll concentrate on blouses, tees, undergarments, leggings, and quilting projects in 2015. That should keep me plenty  busy!

Happy New Year and Happy Sewing!


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11 Responses to Sewing Round Up 2014

  1. cadderly2 says:

    Happy New Year!! I’ve really enjoyed your posts, especially as I am just getting back into sewing after a long hiatus.

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  2. You’ve achieved soooo much! Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing what the new year brings.


  3. Sherry says:

    That’s a lot of stitching for just one year! I always enjoy dropping by your blog when you post your sewing projects. I guess you could call me an armchair-seamstress now since I’d rather see what other people have sewn up than actually do the sewing myself. 🙂 I did make an apron for my little granddaughter and a drawstring bag for the wooden building blocks we bought our little grandson for Christmas.

    Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!


    • zibergirl says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by! It’s wonderful that you still do the little projects for your grandchildren. I’m also a big follower of other folks that sew. It’s such a joy to see others that appreciate the craft of design and sewing.

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  4. margueritedesigns says:

    You’ve made such a lot of lovely things – hope to be back in the saddle myself next year …

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  5. BeaJay says:

    I have really enjoyed your blog. I am new to Lekala and it is great seeing items made up so nicely. I look forward to seeing more in 2015.


    • zibergirl says:

      Thank you! You can’t beat the the personalized sizing option and the low price of Lekala Patterns. I have edited all the ones that say Edited by a Native Speaker. They should be a lot easier to follow. 🙂


  6. sgsy says:

    What a productive year! Love how all your projects exude such joy in print and design.


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