Happy Ho Ho Ho!

IMG_9750 This holiday season, I’ve been sewing a lot, but not anything fancy or geeky for the Monthly Stitch. I have a pattern for a party dress, but I’ve been “sew” busy with alterations and sewing lessons, that I haven’t even cut it out! I’ll try to make it for New Years, if time permits. Family is coming soon and my sewing room turns into a guest room, so I’m forced to take a break for a few days. That’s a good thing because I tend to get carried away  in there!  I’ve made a Facebook business page, and I invite you all to stop by and “Like” it. I’m trying to promote my expert sewing skills, and your “likes” will  help get the word out. That button at the top goes right to Zibergirl Sews on Facebook. 

Here are a few holiday shots of my husband and mother-in-law (almost 96) and still making ButterCrunch candy! She’s been making it since the 40’s! It’s really yummy. Here is a video we took back in 2008. Grandma is showing my youngest how to make it.




Happy Holidays to all of my sewing friends near and far. It’s been a great year of sewing and sharing with all of you and I look forward to another wonderful year. Peace and love to you and your families. See you all in 2015!

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1 Response to Happy Ho Ho Ho!

  1. Amanda says:

    Happy Christmas! Its been great to see all your fabulous makes…..looking forward to seeing more in 2015!💝


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