In the Middle of a Coat

Yes, I’m in the middle of a coat. I tried it on and felt like the hem was a little weird. Right now the trend is draping fronts, and angled hems, but I’m not liking how it looks on me. I’ve asked fellow sewers on the RTW Facebook page and the Monthly Stitch Facebook page for their opinions on the style. I’ve received all kinds of suggestions. Some like it how it is, some say to chop it off even with the back. I’ve been working on it, and taking my time so that I don’t waste all the time I’ve put in to it so far. I think I’ve made an improvement, but I’m not quite done. I’m not ready to post quite yet! In the mean time, here are the before shots. Do you have any suggestions?

photo 1 photo 2

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9 Responses to In the Middle of a Coat

  1. sewmanju says:

    I really like this but now you got me thinking as this looks like vogue 9037 which I was also planning on sewing: be really interested in seeing your finished version and reading your review!

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  2. I really love it! Especially the drape from the side. I can’t wait to see your finished object.


  3. I love the coat on you and indeed the “high-low” style is very popular. Ultimately you are the one wearing the jacket and after all that work, you want to enjoy it. It would be quite easy to adjust your hem so that it is even all they way around. Try pinning it up even, and trying it on to see if you like it………. However I must say the second picture when I see the design element of the wide triangular lapels and the “triangular points” of the bottom hem is a fantastic design element. The repetition of these points (angles) on the bottom of the coat balance the design beautifully.

    I think you did a fantastic job on it.

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    • zibergirl says:

      Thank you! I’ve decide to change it, though. I’ll be posting it later. I actually loved the line artwork on the pattern, but once I put it on, I was, I guess, a little old fashioned, and went for a more traditional look.

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  4. Does look nice, but I can see why you’d want something more ‘classic’. Great colours on you 🙂


  5. emsewcrazy says:

    It looks like a coat that’s trying to pretend to be a dress. A floaty summer dress with a blousy top and floaty skirt. That lovely fabric says winter so maybe that’s part of why you feel torn?
    While it has great proportions as a whole that collar does seem quite large, not in the scale of the garment but just when I look at the top half next to your face… I hope that makes sense. 🙂

    What a hard choice. It looks well made thus far and the color is fabulous on you! I can’t wait to see what you do with it and hope you find something that makes you happy!

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  6. prttynpnk says:

    How is it sitting down? I l like the look

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