I’m Bringing “Sexy Back”



I recently volunteered to test a new sewing pattern, the Sandpoint Top, created by Seattle-based independent designer Helena at Gray All Day.  The Sandpoint Top is a simple top with just two main pieces, plus the finishing bands. It has a round or v-neck in front, and a cowl neck in the back. It can also be worn with the cowl neck in the front!


Testers sew up a certain view and size, and then send written feedback, and pictures to the designer. Thoroughly testing the design using different skill levels and body shapes, is a valuable component in developing a great pattern. Helena has a lot of potential, and has a wonderful and friendly attitude toward the whole testing process. She even set up a facebook group so that all the testers could meet, discuss, and share the process.


It was a quick and easy sewing project that I enjoyed sewing up using my serger and my coverstitch machine. This will be a great pattern for beginners as well as for seasoned sewers. I can’t wait to see the final product and her future designs.

And yes, I like the sexy back!


There’s a car right behind me, so I eliminated it!

I’m planning a random giveaway of few handmade items in appreciation for my bloggy readers when I reach 350 followers (only 5 more to go!) or when I write my 400th post, which ever comes first, so follow me if you don’t all ready! Oh and I have new items in my store. Stop in and envy me!

Happy Sewing!


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10 Responses to I’m Bringing “Sexy Back”

  1. Nana says:

    I love the new pattern and the fabric you used was perfect.


  2. I really love that back, too! Nice choice in fabric, Barbara.


  3. mpthriftychic1 says:

    Love it Barbara! That back is so cute! I want one too!


  4. Margaret says:

    Love the top, and love the fabric — where did you get the fabric?


  5. Kathleen says:

    love it! looks comfy too –


  6. You wear it well, and very aptly titled post!


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