TBT: Flower Power

Flower Power!

This was one of my challenges for the Sew Weekly, back in 2012. Since I never blogged about it here,  I thought I’d share it with you. During that year I made 52 garments, one for each week of the year! I can’t believe I managed that while I was still working full time. Crazy, huh?

The Facts:

Fabric: Cotton Big Print Floral! What a find!
Pattern: Simplicity 2582
Year: 2008
Notions: self-made piping, invisible zipper
Time to complete: One hour to cut and a few hours to sew
First worn: June 20,2012, while house-sitting for my daughter
Wear again? I have only worn it for pictures, but I should just wear it anytime because I really love it!
Total price: $18.00


My first Maxi dress since the 70′s? Yes, friends, I am completely in awe of all of the sewing I have done during my lifetime.  This has been a great adventure and a personal accomplishment to make so many unique and personal outfits.  I’m having “sew” much fun too!

I can’t believe I made a maxi dress, and I’m so pleased with it.

I found this uniquely printed fabric at Beverly’s the other week. They were having a 50% off sale on a whole row of $10.00-$12.00 a yard fabric. It was really hard to choose, but finally I decided on this fabric and another piece for next week’s dress. It wasn’t until I got home and examined the floral fabric that I realized that it was printed on the cross-grain and so that’s the way I cut it. Deciding on a pattern was easy. I couldn’t sacrifice any part of the growing flower steams or flower tops so it had to be a maxi. I carefully cut the front so that the big daisy would not be dead center, and then I cut the bodice so that it would be mostly plain. I do like how the daisy flower ended up going around the armhole on one side. It was not possible to match the pattern on the sides or down the back seam, but I don’t think anyone would shake their finger at that. I added some self-made piping around the bodice to add more detail.

Here is a detail of the back bodice.

I’m planning a random giveaway of few handmade items in appreciation for my bloggy readers when I reach 350 followers (only 5 more to go!) or when I write my 400th post, which ever comes first, so follow me if you don’t all ready! Oh and I have new items in my store. Stop in and envy me!

Happy Sewing!

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12 Responses to TBT: Flower Power

  1. Ebi Poweigha says:

    Wow, 52 makes in a year??? And you were working full time? Man, that’s amazing. As is this dress. 🙂 The piping at the waist line is a great touch, and gives the waist definition without having to be nipped in. A maxi dress should be flowing and comfortable!


    • zibergirl says:

      Thank you, Ebi, It was the first time I ever made a garment that had such a big graphic print. It was a fun challange to figure out the best placement for the flowers on the dress.


  2. Graca says:

    That is a lovely dress, great fabric too!


  3. Very crazy, but I hope your still celebrating the accomplishment! Very cute dress 🙂


  4. Amanda says:

    It’s fabulous! It looks great against the backdrop too.


  5. Annie Trish says:

    That is an absolutely stunning dress!


  6. Love the print, the colour, the back (amazing!!!!!) and how good it looks on you! If you aren’t wearing it already, you should! 🙂


  7. springystitches says:

    Wow! What a beautiful dress! The fabric is divine and I love the way you have worked with the print to incorporate the plainer bodice, it really shows off the sunflower! 🙂


  8. emsewcrazy says:

    This is so beautiful! Lovely print and you used it so well! Your sewing while working is inspiring!


  9. It’s the perfect fabric for standing out in the garden! Love it!


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