After the Cake!


It’s the last day of August, which also marks the last day of the Cake Themed Sewing we have done over at the Monthly Stitch. The New Zealand gals are celebrating one year of monthly sew-alongs, and are headed toward another fantastic year of hosting a site for a growing community of contributors who love to sew.


I barely made this post, sewing all day, and having pictures taken just as the sun was setting. It was an interesting process from start to finish. I used Style Arc Sewing Patterns Ann-T-Shirt. I checked the size chart and decided to go with the size 12. After I taped the pieces together, I traced it onto the wrong side of my precious 1 yard of Spoonflower print fabric. I was able to fit the back and the front, but not the sleeves. I designed a smaller cap sleeve, that I lined with the same fabric and then I was able to squeeze everything out of the fabric.


I made one of my most common errors, trusting the sizing chart. I should have made the size 10. The sleeve set way over my shoulder, the armhole gaped open a mile, and it was way too long. But that didn’t stop me, better to be too big than too small. I took in the sleeves, and sewed up the sides, and chopped off the length. It’s still a comfy fit, just right for exercising, which I did right after I took the photos.

IMG_9111 - Version 2

Jumping Jacks!

After all the “Cake” we’ve had it’s time to shape up! Don’t you just love this fabric? Retro girls hula hooping, eating fruit, weighing in!

Style Arc Ann-T-Shirt

Style Arc Ann-T-Shirt

Fabric: 1 yard 100% Jersey Cotton from Spoonflower
Pattern: Style Arc Ann T Top
Year: 2014 – Retro print from Spoonflower
Notions: Thread
Time to complete: about 6 hours
First worn: August 31, 2014 for a walk with neighbors
Wear again? Absolutely!
Total price: $30.00 (a real splurge for me)



I’m planning a random giveaway of few handmade items in appreciation for my bloggy readers when I reach 350 followers or when I write my 400th post, which ever comes first, so follow me if you don’t all ready! Oh and I have new items in my store. Stop in and envy me!

Happy Sewing!

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2 Responses to After the Cake!

  1. Sherry says:

    What a cute, fun top! And it turned out to be a perfect fit after your alterations. Congratulations on not giving up on it . I know it will make you smile every time you put it on for a workout.


  2. Ebi Poweigha says:

    Great shirt! Very cute.


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