Poncho Atitlán

IMG_8668A Guatemalan scarf found it’s way from the thrift to my sewing room via my daughter, who has an artistic eye and great fashion sense. We decided to make a simple pullover poncho, that would show off the traditional woven border on this light grey cotton blend fabric.IMG_8695She also had some thrifted trim that we used around the neck and the bottom edge. It was a quick and easy sew, and the finished garment is simple in design. All we did was cut out a section in the middle, so that the length was right, sew the shoulder/sleeve seam, sew up the sides, and cut a neckline.

IMG_8686Ponchos are very trendy right now. I have another version that is almost finished, and was cut following a pattern. I’m anxious to see if it has a more flattering silhouette.  This one just does its own thing! What do you think? Do you like ponchos?




Thanks for looking and Happy Sewing!



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8 Responses to Poncho Atitlán

  1. Amanda says:

    I love ponchos! Don’t have one though!


  2. prttynpnk says:

    I love it! Such a fun pop piece.


  3. Karon Scott says:

    Fantastic remake and the trim is perfect. What a great addition to a wardrobe.


  4. You look adorable! I love the braids, too!


  5. Rebecca says:

    Love the poncho! Really fabulous fabric, great refashion!


  6. Beautiful fabric, you’ve made the best of it with that poncho. And lovely hairstyling, very pretty and fun.


  7. Love it! that’s a great remake of the scarf, very fortunate that it was the right sort of size and the trim on it is amazing! I really like the warmth of your pictures


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