Dandelion Dress

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For this week’s contest over at The Monthly Stitch, I chose Seamster’s “Dandelion” dress pattern. I liked the interesting cut of the dress and thought it would be fun to sew it up. After I cut and taped the PDF pattern together, I read through all of the directions. They are very clear, with line drawings, and helpful markings on the pattern pieces. I chose a yellow cotton print with little red cherries and flowers. It’s a reproduction fabric by moda with the dates of 1910-1935 stamped on the salvage.


As I have never made this pattern before or tried any of the Seamster patterns, I used this pretty, but not costly fabric for the first version. As I worked quickly through all of the construction, I noticed that there really wasn’t a good time to try it on for fit.


The front sides attach to the front, and  there are darts and side seams, and then the back sides are attached. It looked like it would fit, when I wrapped it around my dress form, so I forged ahead.


The last steps were the raglan sleeves and the center back seam with zipper. Ok, now I could try it on. Ugh! Too big in the bust area and sides, the sleeves were way too large, and it was a little tight around the hips.


I picked the bottom of the sleeve apart from the side, and made the sleeve smaller by an inch, narrowed the side seam from the armhole to the side panel, and picked apart the back seam between the side part and the back, and resewed it. Thank goodness I had plenty of seam allowance for making the adjustments!


I had another problem with the neck facing, the directions say to sew the front and back facing together with a 5/8’s inch seam allowance. So I did, and trimmed the seams and serged the outer edge, only to discover that it didn’t fit! I unpicked the seams and sewed them at 3/8’s inch seam allowance. Now it fit. I double checked my pattern and the directions and they do say 5/8 “. I checked around the sewing blogs to see if anyone else had run into this error, but couldn’t find anything.


I’m going to email Seamster and let them know about it. Despite the mini drama, I ended up with a new dress and there are lots of things I like about it too. I like the fabric, yellow is my favorite color. I love the neckline, and the side panel detail. If I made another one, I would cut between a medium at the bust and an extra large at the hips. Oh the lovely pear shape!


images Fabric: 100% cotton, Moda reproduction 1910-1935
 PatternSteamster’s “Dandelion” dress pattern
 Year: Contemporary
 Notions: One yellow metal zipper
 Time to complete:  8 hours
 First worn: June 10, 2014  in the chicken pen and around the corner
 Wear again? Yes, it’s a good anywhere, anytime dress
 Total price: Fabric $15, Pattern $14

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3 Responses to Dandelion Dress

  1. zibergirl says:

    Thank you, so much!


  2. Rosy says:

    It’s really beautiful despite all the extra work. You have a dress that looks great on you for the summer … I would say it has “flavor” to 60s style, so fun and youthful … but elegant.


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