My daughter, has just designed a T-shirt for Hot Topic!

My Daughter, has just designed a T-shirt for Hot Topic!

This T-shirt design is by my daughter, an artist that goes by Pinkytoast. You can purchase this T-shirt at Hot Topic. They have an online store too. All T-s are 20% off right now. She’s been a very dedicated and had-working artist for many years. She sells mostly on Etsy, but now she’s going into the commercial market as well. I’m a proud mother! Please check out her unique and unusual art.

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9 Responses to My daughter, has just designed a T-shirt for Hot Topic!

  1. This is so cool, Barbara. Talent must run in your family!


  2. That’s amazing Barbara. Glad to see the creative genius gene being passed on. Very cute design. I seem to remember those aprons you made with her designs on a while back. Tell her best of luck from Phoenix.


  3. zibergirl says:

    Hi Tempest, Yes, that’s the artist in the family. I have a wonderful clutch of talented girls! I’ll pass on the good luck from Phoenix. Thank you.


  4. ksgentry says:

    So exciting! Congratulations!


  5. sgsy says:

    Looks amazing! Your daughter is really talented!


  6. Amanda says:

    I love pinkytoast I have a shirt but I want more! Like maybe a purse and more shirts! I hope you guys make more stuff!


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