One Cute Top from Two T-Shirts


This is a fun, quick top to make out of stretch fabric, such as Jersey knit or even two new extra large T-shirts from the dollar store! I’ve made several of these cute bow-back tops over the last few months for myself , and my granddaughters.  It’s from the Sewing Pattern #4284. You can check out my other back bow tops  here and here.

This time I’ve made one out of T-shirts. I found these pretty yellow extra large, “organic cotton” T’s at the dollar store.



Organic Cotton T’s at $1.00 each!

After pre-washing and drying, I was ready to begin. This one was even easier because I used the existing hems from the  bottom of the shirts and sleeves. They have that great-looking double-stitch finish that you can only achieve with a special machine. I took a lot of pictures to help anyone out who wants to give it a try. Leave me a comment if you have any questions. I’m happy to help.


Small diagram of all the pieces

I downloaded the pattern from the site after putting in daughter #3’s exact measurements.


I then put the pieces together by lining up the rows and columns as numbered. Next, I taped the areas where the pattern lines meet up.


Use a ruler and tidy up the lines.


There’s no need to tape everything down, because you will be cutting away most of it. I cut close but not on the cutting line of the pattern.


Do not use your sewing scissors to cut paper!


Cut off the sleeves above the seam


Line up the back on the folded edge of the t-shirt

Notice that I have lined up the finished edge of the pattern with the bottom edge of the t-shirt. I cut the bottom front on a folded section of the other t-shirt, and also used it to cut the front yolk and back yolk.


I use my homemade pattern weights to hold the pattern in place and tracing paper to transfer the cutting lines, darts, notches to the wrong side of the fabric.


Marked and ready to cut. I stabilize the piece with a few straight pins.



Lay sleeve pattern on T-shirt sleeves. Line up the bottom edge so you can save that existing hem.


Cut a small rectangle 5.5 in long by 5 in wide. This is the little knot for the back

1. Mark and sew darts on front. Press them upwards. Stitch front yoke to front.  Serge seams and press onto yoke.


2. Serge, turn inside,  and topstitch neckline of back. Serge, turn inside, and topstitch lower edge of back yoke. Lay back yolk and back together with front at shoulders right sides together. Sew shoulder seam.


3. Serge neckline, turn inside and topstitch.

4. Baste back yolk to back close to armhole edge.


5. Sew in sleeves, matching notches and center.

6. Sew sides and underarm seams.

7. Sew long edges of small rectangle right sides together, turn, move seam to middle. Place around back yolk center, adjust to fit, serge together. turn so that serged edge is on the inside of the loop.

(Tip: leave long tails of serger thread at side seams, thread into large eye needle and work back up into serged seam and trim.)


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6 Responses to One Cute Top from Two T-Shirts

  1. Oh, I really like this tee shirt. I’m definitely going to try this one. Thanks, Barbara!


  2. Roxanne says:

    Cute top! Would love to see this done with 2 different color t shirt too!


  3. Gjeometry says:

    So cute, I love it! I bookmarked the site since I have dozens of oversized tees and have to do something with them.


  4. samboddy69 says:

    Making this from old T-shirts is an amazing idea! I’ll have to give that a try!


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