Hipster Happy


I made two pairs of PJ’s  for my teen granddaughters this last week. The fabric is a lightweight white stretch knit and the pattern I used was  McCalls 6848.



My college class was doing a workshop on fabric dying, so I wanted to be ready with these pieces, 2 simple sleeveless shirts and 2 pair of booty shorts. I decided to use rubber bands to gather sections of fabric to make a ring pattern on the garments.


One set I dipped in the soda ash and then into bright yellow, and the other went into the soda ash and then blue.


After setting in the dye for about an hour, I squeezed out the dye, put the pieces in zip-lock bags and headed for home. The next day I undid the rubber bands and rinsed the pieces several times. I let them sun dry. Later I decided that the circles I created with the rubber bands weren’t contrasting enough, so I went over them with a bleach pen. That helped lighten up the circles considerably. Next time I do this, I’m guessing that I should  put the rubber bands on extra tight.


After a fun filled day with my youngest daughter and my two nieces from my oldest daughter, I gave the girls their new PJ’s. They were delighted! The PJ’s fit perfectly too. We had fun doing a photo shoot inside my daughter’s apartment with some great retro props. Aren’t they just so cool and groovy?

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3 Responses to Hipster Happy

  1. damnvan1 says:

    Love your inspiration 👯


  2. zibergirl says:

    Thanks Anny, Isn’t fun to make cute things for the grandchildren?


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