Sewing For Others


I’ve been sewing for others and enjoying the challenge. I am especially  thrilled to do some designing as well has mending. Cindy brought me her most favorite nightgown and asked me to copy it. I traced the nighty and made a new one out of a blue floral flannel. I also shortened a shirt, hemmed pants, and mended a jacket. For another friend, Linda, I redesigned a Nepalese shawl into a a poncho that opens up the front and is sewn together at the sides. I used silk from my stash to face the neck and front edges. I added four extra large snaps and chose coordinating light purple buttons from my button collection. I think she will be very happy!







Now that our 1920’s play, “Shrewed” is over, my costume construction class at the local college is teaching us how to dye using soda ash, salt, and quality dye (so much nicer than RIT).  I dyed some pajamas that I made out of white jersey knit and some silk scarves that were purchased through the Dharma Trading Company.  If you  need dye, fabric, or items already made to be dyed, this is the place! Plus, their site has great tutorials. The prices are really reasonable too. I bought hand-stitched rolled edge silk scarves for $3.50 a piece! That Dharma Trading Company is only a few hours away from where I live! I’ll have to go there sometime!

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8 Responses to Sewing For Others

  1. Jacq C says:

    Goodness me, all that fixing is so kind of you – I have to force myself to tackle the mending pile! The shawl to poncho is a great project, really lovely 🙂


  2. H says:

    Love the poncho!


  3. mtetar says:

    Very nice and the fringes highlighted the look. Blessings, Mtetar


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