Your Opinion and A Give Away!

I’ve switched from making things for myself to making items for an upcoming Craft Bazaar. This will be my first time ever, trying to sell my hand-made goods. All of my bags and zipper pouches are made from 80% repurposed  or vintage fabrics and zippers.  I’m very proud of the fact that I was able to upcycle almost all of my materials! Go green, right?

What I need you to do is help me price the tote bags and zipper pouches. What would you pay for something handmade and from repurposed materials? I’ll give all of you a few weeks to fill out the poll and leave me a comment if you would like to be in a drawing for a cute little zipper pouch or a business card holder. I’m looking forward to your feedback. It’s only people like you, sewers and crafters, who understand the time and effort it takes to make our handmade items. Thank you so much!

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15 Responses to Your Opinion and A Give Away!

  1. Heidi says:

    As a crafter, it’s hard for me to price things because my first instinct is always: “I’m not going to pay THAT! I could make it MYSELF!!!” LOL! Most of my craft show sales have come from dog & cat toys with a much lower price tag (people looking for garage-sale prices from handcrafted vendors) but I have sold re-useable grocery bags (unlined) for $10. Just an FYI.
    Oh, and the recycled content would be a big selling point to me.


  2. Your bags are lovely . . . and I applaud your materials philosophy! 🙂


  3. When I did farmers markets I sold totes made out of up cycled decorating fabric samples for $20 and little zipper pouches for $10. I sold a decent amount of them but always have a 5 dollar item and you will always have sales…. I made little card wallets and could barely keep up with the demand. Good luck!


  4. sewexhausted says:

    I love that your fabrics are repurposed or upcycled. Yay for you! And they all look so pretty… I hope you sell them ALL! ~Laurie


  5. dottiedoodle says:

    They look lovely, hope it goes well!


  6. Ali says:

    They’re all so cute! Sorry I’ve not joined in your poll – I’m in England so would have to answer in £’s so don’t think that would be helpful.
    Good luck at the craft bazaar 😀


  7. vinthillvintage says:

    I would happily pay more for that embroidered flower tote. I was thinking around $30. It’s beautiful. Enjoy the crafting!


  8. rachsews says:

    These are all very lovely and I love the use of repurposed fabrics and notions. I hope all goes well at the bazaar.


  9. Anny says:

    I really love the pink Frenchy zipper pouch and the denin tote with the beautiful floral lining as separate items! Perhaps you could combine the beautiful blue floral zipper pouch with the denim tote embroidered with the same fabric and sell for $38?It would be a great gift item.


  10. Well I voted for the highest figures you gave, as I know exactly how much goes into handmade products. I did do a few craft fairs myself in the past though and found that people tend to like to browse and part with what they have in their pocket – so it pays to have some things at say £5 sterling (not sure of the dollar equivalent … a note that someone would easily part with on a daily basis …). Along with some higher priced items, that way, you’ll be sure to cover costs. Anyway, good luck and would love to go in the draw.


  11. spockssister says:

    What currency are those prices? I’m guessing American dollars from the other comments.
    Like others have said, it’s tricky because like most crafty people I’d simply pinch your idea and make one myself but I think a zipper pouch might sell for £10 here and a large tote you could probably get £15. (According to Google £10 is currently worth $16.15.

    I think £5 for a zipper pouch is a real bargain and would be snapped up!

    However, fabric is considerably more expensive here in the UK which makes it very hard to make any profit at all.


  12. Barbara says:

    I’m with Heidi and think we crafters are the worse at estimating the best sell-able price. But your items are wonderful and I bet they sell well at the moderate price range. The recycle-re-purpose slant will be popular! Be sure and make cute as a button price tags–that goes a long ways to making something common to extraordinary. And wrapping maybe? I know I love shopping in a local store that wraps everything with a rafia bow and a sprig of ivy even if it’s a $3 card. Love that! Makes me feel like I’m getting a present even if it’s for someone else.


  13. Zoe says:

    It depends on your target market (that’s my business class info talking). Think of what ages are attending the market. If it’s teenagers, then I can vouch that they need to be cheap. For other markets, your prices seem acceptable. Some stuff at the market will be priced really high, as a lot of handmade items are. I say go for somewhere in the middle. At markets you have two options, price high and sell a few, or a price lower and sell more 🙂


  14. Bonjour de France,

    j’aime beaucoup, je couds aussi des sacs et d’autres choses… je regarde votre blog souvent, tout est très beaux, félicitations.


    Hello of France,

    I like very much, I also sew bags and other things I look at your blog often, everything is very beautiful, congratulations.



  15. Debbie says:

    I make and sell both zipper pouches and totes. I’ve sold my zipper pouches for $8-$10 each depending on the fabric.. if i use licensed fabric its $10. I also make totes. I use two types of interfacing and I charge anywhere between $20-$25. Good luck!


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