A little sewing, a little crafting, a little cheering!

I took a break from sewing up all those Hawthorn’s after perfecting the muslins, and did a little crafting. I had a lot of fun decoupaging two different vintage suitcases. Too bad I didn’t remember to take before pictures, but you can tell that these were great foundations for decoupage. I made the larger one into a “sewing suitcase”.


Presently it stands next to my dress form and holds all of my interfacing. I used a vintage sewing book and some vintage famous designer photos to cover it. It was really easy. I used a mixture of half white glue and water and a small sponge brush to wet the suit case, and then coat the pictures. After it dried, I used the real decoupage stuff and painted on several layers. I let it dry in between. When that was dry, I used a finishing spray made by Modpoge.


The smaller makeup case, was a bargain at $2.oo from the local thrift. The little bag inside was mildewy and stinky, so I made a new one for it. Of course, I think it’s even better than the original. For this case, I used scrap book paper from Michael’s. All in one theme; a beige, vintage, travel theme.


For the inside, I matched the color of the original blue suitcase with a blue florals and geometric prints. It turned out so lovely.



New bag with zipper for inside

I gave it to my daughter for her 30th birthday. On her birthday, we cheered for her as she crossed the finish line after running a half marathon in Healdsburg.

Kimberly Runs a Half Marathon on her 30th!

 Then we went out for a celebratory breakfast at Costeaux’s French Bakery.  In the afternoon, we joined up with some of my youngest daughter’s friends and went zip-lining at Sonoma Canopy Tours in Occidental. It was an awesome day!

So now, I’m back to sewing! I’m starting up my own local business of alterations and custom sewing and I have added a new page to the top of my blog about it. I’ve also ordered some business cards to pass out. I’ll share that with you when it comes. I just finished an alteration on a bridesmaid dress, and I have two more to work on after the ladies buy their shoes. I’m not sure how busy I may get, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Oh, one more cute item. Have you ever wondered what you could do with all those empty chicken feed bags? What about making a sturdy shopping bag?


I DIYed one to see how it would turn out. All I did was cut off the top, bind that edge with some wide bias tape, folded it over for strength, added a handle to both sides, squared the bottom and reinfocred that seam by adding bias tape  to it.  The letters and graphics are upside down…heheheh, but the chickens think it’s great! What do you think?

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8 Responses to A little sewing, a little crafting, a little cheering!

  1. Kathleen says:

    you are a really busy girl – you’ve done a wonderful job on all your projects. I think they are all very nice and well done.


  2. Jenn says:

    I think the chook food shopping bag is brilliant! I only have 3 girls (hens), so it takes them a while to get through a 30 kg bag, but what a way to reduce, reuse, recycle, I love it!


    • zibergirl says:

      I have 6 hens, and yes, it does take awhile, but I won’t be throwing them away anymore. My husband loves it and was the first to try it out shopping at the health food store. Thanks for the comment. I’ve never heard it called chook food. 🙂


  3. Anny says:

    Awesome job on those suitcases! One day I’ll get up the nerve to decoupage. What a fun daughter’s birthday! And congrats on starting your own business!!


  4. A sewing suitcase! What a brilliant idea for storing stash 🙂


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