Sewing Gift from Marguerite Designs!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Diane Margaret, for sending me those very cute patterns, the butterfly appliqué, buttons and lace. What a pleasant surprise!


I am rummaging through my stash trying to find the perfect fabric to try out both looks. Possibly one will work for the upcoming Sew Weekly Reunion 2013. I added Marguerite Designs to my Bloglovin feed so that I can read all the latest that this sensational artist, sewer, and crafter is up to. We could all take a lesson from the camaraderie  of the folks in the UK. Seems like they are always meeting up, having lunch, and shopping for fabrics together. I want to do that! Let’s get together sometime! I’m in northern California, when you are in the neighborhood, let’s meet up!

I snagged a few photos from Diane’s Blog so you can meet her and add her to your feeds.

Marguerite Designs

PicMonkey Collage

I love that red dress! Isn’t it gorgeous. She explains how she used two different patterns to get the look she wanted. I’ll be looking forward to her participation in the Sew Weekly Reunion. I hope you will join us! 🙂

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3 Responses to Sewing Gift from Marguerite Designs!

  1. O she looks fabulous in this creations! So you are going to make such a dress?


  2. margueritedesigns says:

    Thanks so much for such a great mention! I’ve been trying to leave you a ‘thank you’ message and hope this one works now. Glad you like the things I sent and look forward to seeing what you make for the reunion!


  3. Colleen says:

    I wish I still lived in northern California so I could help you start a UK based sewing blog gang. I envy them so much ! Alas, I’m here in NC sometimes feeling like I should be in a novel called “The Loneliest Seamstress.”


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