The Hawthorn Parade!

I’m thrilled to be in Colette’s Hawthorn Parade. From this group 5 will be selected to win prizes. Please stop by Colette’s and enjoy the fabulous variations of the Hawthorn. It’s amazing what individuality and creativity can start with a good pattern. That’s why I love sewing. It’s such a fun medium for your artistic expression, and the best part is…you get to wear it!

My entry is the “Renamed” Hawthorn. I made it while reading “Flight Behavior” by Barbara Kingsolver. I blogged about it here.

Please stop by and vote for me. Thanks!


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Seamstress, Sewist, Artist, Fashionista, Quilter, Upcycler, Textile Obsessed!
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2 Responses to The Hawthorn Parade!

  1. dressesandme says:

    I LOVE it! What lovely cheerful fabric!


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