Recovering the Dress Form

My dress form has always worn something over her  body to disguise all of those gaps and holes. She’s the adjustable kind, and so sports those wide open gaps on her sides and down her front, plus  overlapping parts through the bodice, and unsightly openings for dials to be turned. Her waist size has always been an inch smaller than my own, which has thrown  off proper fitting on more than one occasion. She often wears a stretchy camisole to hide all of the defects, but it is often in the way of viewing how a neckline may look. So, at the spur of the moment, I decided to improve her look, make her a bit more fashionable, and worthy of gracing the corner of my dining room. Not to mention, that there stands my body double for all the world to see. She should be presentable and not look half dressed and full of unsightly openings.

After reading Flossie Teacake’s blog post on recovering her dress form, I was inspired to make mine more presentable. Before I tackled the recovering, it was important to fix the waistline so that it was accurate. I had some cotton batting left over from a quilt that I folded in half and taped to the middle. I measured, and voila! It was the perfect one inch addition that I needed. Easy peasy, why had I not done this before?


I used this cherry red, four-way stretch thrifted fabric that needed to be stash-busted. What would I possible ever use it for? It was the perfect choice for the recover. I sewed up a tube as wide as the hip measurement, put it on he, pinned it close to her body, serged it along those lines, and pulled the snuggly fitting garment over her form.


I fixed any imperfections, like rounding the seam over the arm, and tightening the seam just under the bust. After her final fitting, I cut the neck and folded it under, and pinned the bottom under with straight pins for now. She may need an adjustment in the future, if her body double (me) changes size!


Thank you Flossie Teacakes for the inspiration.

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5 Responses to Recovering the Dress Form

  1. What a great idea! I, too, feel like my dress form needs to be “wearing” something modest when I’m not using her. This is a wonderful way to make her look good at all times.


  2. Great job! Your dress from look fantastic! I have standard basic dress form over my dress form. I was thinking about doing exactly the same as you…


  3. kittehluvs says:

    great idea! I need to cover my dress form’s gaps too…eventually


  4. Michele says:

    That is an awesome idea, my dress form sits in the corner of my bedroom/sewing room and she needs a little dolling up.


  5. Anny says:

    Your dress form looks great! Mine, Betsy J., wears an apron, some tape measures around her neck and a floppy black velvet hat with a big flower to make up for her many gaps.


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