Week 3 Copy Cat!

Week 3 of Refashion Runway

Thanks for your support, it’s been incredibly exciting to take part in the Refashion Runway competition.


This week was fun, fun, fun! The challenge was to copy a fashion look from a magazine or catalogue. I did some preliminary research online specifically on two main sites, Fashion Magazine, and Vogue. Both had a tremendous amount of  looks for every season and for several different years. As I sifted through articles, and runway slideshows, I saved a few interesting, and possibly makeable looks to my desktop. After narrowing it down based on what I might find at a thrift shop, I consulted my husband on the look that he liked the best. We both agreed that the yellow skirt with coordinating top, was the cutest and probably the easiest to find supplies for. I could kick myself for renaming the image file which resulted in not being able to locate the photo anywhere in cyberspace! Believe me, I spent hours looking. I wanted to know who the designer was and give them credit for the lovely style. I even offered my daughter $10.00 to find it. Alas, I can’t name that designer.


The one on the left is the copy. No, it’s the one on the right! Right? 😉

At the Goodwill, I searched for just the right colors and weave of several women’s knit tops, and paid a measly $13.00 dollars. I used acrylic paint  for the design on the front of the top. Painting the design  similar to the original, took longer than sewing the whole outfit! It was a slow process as I had to mask the places where I didn’t want paint, mask painted colors, so that the new colors didn’t bleed into them, let them dry, and repeat the process. I did a test on a scrap of fabric to see if I could laundry the item, and yes, it can be done!  I’m very pleased with the way it all turned out.



Here are the steps for making the skirt: Use two yellow knit tops for the skirt. Cut into four inch strips. Save one hemmed edge to be the bottom of the skirt.


Match up the side seams of the strips and cut a back center seam. If your strips are different lengths, like mine were, make an adjustments on the longer ones at the side seams.


Once your strips are even, you can serge them together. Note: my two yellow tops were both yellow but just a slightly different shade, so I alternated them. It created more of a purpose for the layout of the horizontal strips, in my opinion.


On your dress form, pin the back seam together. It should fit snugly around the hips. Pin the side seams in at the top, curving slightly to blend into your natural waist. The waist width should  be bigger than your natural waist, because you will be inserting elastic into a folded-over casing. It makes it is easy to pull on over your hips.


Pin and sew a curved edge toward the waist.


Fold over the top edge, sew with a stretch stitch, and insert elastic.

Steps for making the top: Use a white knit top, Cut it so that it is loose and has the built in sleeve. Cut the neck to your liking. Serge, fold, and top stitch the edges of the neck and sleeves.


The contrasting bottom part is about 2/3 distance from the top. Cut from your contrasting top straight across, just under the arms. You can use the bottom hem for the bottom of the garment, but you will have to remember to adjust the length of that piece before you sew it onto the top.


Then comes the painting. You will need  masking tape, acrylic paint, and a good stiff paint brush, I used a 1/2 in. flat, slightly angled brush. Create channels with the masking tape and paint away! Let your color dry, pull the masking tape off and continue the process. Have fun!




Ok if you haven’t voted for one of these lovely entries. Please do so now, Thanks! REFASHION RUNWAY

If  you have any questions about the DIY, feel free to ask.

Thanks for looking!

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20 Responses to Week 3 Copy Cat!

  1. This is AMAZING! It seriously looks EXACTLY the same, great job!


  2. Joyce Love says:

    I love it! I think your more fitted top is actually a lot more flattering than the original. Awesome refashion.


  3. I had to look twice. Your copycat version is almost identical to the original. Great job and I love the bright, happy colors!


  4. Wow! Incredible job! I especially love your painting technique! Incredible job!


  5. Absolutely amazing! The colors are so bright and cheerful. They compliment your beautiful smile! Great job on this refashion.


  6. Love, love, love it!!! 🙂


  7. offsquare says:

    It looks stunning! I love all the detail in the painting work. Well done! We’ll miss you, but I’m so pleased to have found your blog through it all.


  8. Nay says:

    Wowee! It’s like identical! So sad to see you leave the comp, but happy to see your Copycat any way 😀


  9. You are amazingly talented! I am in awe of how you painted that top. You are an artist in every sense of the word. Love your blog!


  10. photosarah says:

    the painting looks great! good colors for summer.


  11. lee says:

    Wow Barbara! Great job. I agree yours looks better than the original outfit.


  12. Loran says:

    I like your version BETTER than the original : ) What fun!!


  13. kittehluvs says:

    I LOVE THIS! great job!


  14. Kerri says:

    WOW! This is a great make-over… re-fashion… or whatever they call it. I love it. 🙂


  15. lesley says:

    your designs and style is very nice and well made. its a shame you had to leave the refashion-runway. dont be discouraged. i think you are worth following 🙂


  16. Barbara, my mind is blown… I never thought of painting a design to copy a printed fabric before. You certainly have a lot of patience! Your dress is an exact replica of the original picture – massive kudos. So sad to see you leave the competition because I thought your refashions were some of the most innovative. Keep up the good work! — Sally


  17. Patti says:

    Love this copy cat! I have been so inspired by your designs. I will definitely keep looking at your site for future projects!


  18. Lauren says:

    Wow!!! You really would have won this week if you had been included!! I’m sorry!!
    This is so amazing!! Well done!!

    Take a look at my very own refashion blog!!


    Or click my name for my Facebook page!!


  19. Wendy says:

    You can search by image on the google image search. That might help you find it!



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