Week 2 The Denim Challenge


Week two on Refashion Runway  and it’s time to vote again! Thank you for all of your votes last week. This week is all about denim and it was very challenging for me. What to do…. What to do….. I decided that I would do “the pair of jeans made into a skirt look”. I know it’s been done before, but I hoped that I could make something unique. I think I managed to do just that, but you voters will have the final say.


I took a pair of my least favorite jeans. They’re actually very well made Levi’s with decorative top stitching on the pockets. I don’t wear them because the legs are too wide and the butt area is baggy.


I cut them off just below the pockets and then I took a thrifted curtain topper with a decorative lace edge and laid it underneath the now “skirt top” to figure out where to cut and then sew it together. I placed the lace so that it was centered in the front and folded it around so that I only needed one seam in the back.


I pinned the piece to the skirt top and tried it on. I wasn’t wowed by it. The half blue, half white skirt just didn’t look like they went together very well.


Maybe if I dyed the whole skirt one color, it would help pull it together. I finished sewing it together and then began the dying process. I used RIT Navy Blue liquid dye, salt, and hot water. I attempted to try the new fad of ombre dying, but gave up and just dyed the whole skirt. The color came out pretty well for Rit dye. On their website I learned that with cotton, you use salt and not vinegar to help the color bind to the fabric. That makes me wonder about all the bloggers who said to use vinegar on the cotton items they dyed with turmeric.



Next I had to style the outfit with something that would highlight the skirt. This was tough, but I finally decided to match it up with this sweet vintage Mexican blouse. My husband wasn’t crazy about the boots, but I was going for a bit of a western look, so I had to have boots. It would have been more authentic with real cowboy boots, but I made do with these.


What I learned doing this project is that proportions are important. I should know this, since I do a lot of art work. The old 1/3,1/3,1/3 rule is more pleasing to the eye. You should never make a skirt that is divided exactly in the middle. My skirt comes very close to that middle. Invest in high quality dye. I bet I could have got both pieces to be more of an exact match. Another thing I learned is that I should have used dark serger thread on the white skirt piece because it doesn’t take the dye at all. On the other hand, a few touchups with a black Sharpie on the viewable threads where the lace was seamed together, did the trick.

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8 Responses to Week 2 The Denim Challenge

  1. Another wonderful dye job! You really make it look easy, Barbara. I love your skirt, very unusual and yet so wearable!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Your skirt is amazing! Definitely one of my favorites from this week. Keep up the good work!

    – Elizabeth
    aka The Hungry Octopus


  3. Great job! 🙂


  4. I’m actually shocked to see this post because I dreamed about a project very similar to this last night! I guess this is a sign that I should pursue the project because it will be successful, just like yours! — Patty


  5. offsquare says:

    I adore denim and lace together and this curtain topper was perfect for the project. Such a nice, fun feminine touch. Well done!


  6. Congratulations on another successful entry. I really appreciate how you talk about what you learned and would do differently next time.


  7. Great work (as always!). Love the lace on the bottom. You’ve totally inspired me to play around with fabric dyes – maybe for next week (if I make it – fingers crossed!)


  8. artist and friend says:



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