Week 4 Me Made May and then some

This was an awesome week! My husband and I celebrated our retirement with our friends and  colleagues from school, we had a lovely and long overdue dinner together with some of our dearest friends, and my youngest came to visit on Memorial Day weekend. Hubbie went ocean fishing and brought back rock fish and ling cod. Leah and I did the DIY macrame t-shirt project together (inspired by a blog post by Trash to Couture), and I whipped up a cute striped t-shirt dress for her, while she baked zucchini muffins. Besides wearing only Me Made this week, I finished my new lavender floral shirt dress and made pillow cases for my bed.

Her is the Round Up!

It’s back to work tomorrow for 4 days and then there will be only two weeks to go until eternal vacation happens. I’m looking forward to it! I’ve got to start my bucket list. Got any suggestions?

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