Bumble Bee T- Shirt Rug

Quirky project but I’m loving the result. Earlier this year I taught myself how to make t-shirt yarn by watching youtube tutorials. I started out with a small basket  (see tutorial here) made from two t-shirts and then moved on to a small colorful bathroom matt. My next project was this one, an entry rug for the front door.

I went with a color scheme of yellows, grays, and black. First, I collected the t- shirts, about 12 of them,  from the local thrift stores at $2.00 or less a piece. Second, I cut the shirts just under the arms. Then, I measured 3/4 inch across using my see-through ruler and a rotary cutter. It is important not to cut completely through one side of the shirt so that you can make a continuous strip later. I cut the strips, matching the first cut to the second cut in order to make that one long strip. Finally, I gently stretched the strip between my hands so that it curled into a yarn like string; and then I rolled it into balls.

Then comes the easy meditative part of crocheting it to together. I used a single crochet stitch. At the corners I added stitches to make it lie flat. I let the shape and colors speak to me as the rug grew. It really doesn’t take long to do this last part. It’s pretty easy to do while your watching TV or listening to the radio.

I love how it turned out. It brightens up the entry way to my house. I feel a sense of accomplishment at my ability to create something new from something old  like second-hand T-shirts.


I have plans for another one for a bathroom that has an aqua blue theme. However, I’m also in the middle of trying out my Laurel Pattern by Colette. So far, I’ve made the size 0. And now I have a size 4 made up, but not hemmed or modeled. I hope to have those pictures up in the next post.
Happy sewing and crafting!
Thanks for looking.

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