Laurel by Colette

The Laurel by ColetteIMG_5366After receiving the latest dress pattern, Laurel, by Colette patterns, I got busy right away tracing the smallest size for a test drive. I chose a thrifted cotton fabric and another synthetic silk-like fabric for the underlining. It was quick and easy to cut and sew. It took longer to hand-stitch the green bias tape around the neck and sleeves than it did to sew up the dress. It’s a cute style and I love how it looks on the colette model. However, I’m glad I did a wearable muslin before cutting into any really nice fabric. Here is what I learned.


The size 0 is very small in the armcycle and the bust darts are too high. In fact, it was too small for my daughter who has the right measurements for that size in the bust, waist, and hips. Next time, I’ll try making her the size 4. I’ll also just make the dress, and not the underlining until I try it on her. Even though I added 2 inches to the length of the pattern, it still was shorter than my daughter, who is 5’6″, would comfortably wear. Now I have this cute, but very tiny dress. What should I do with it? Do you know anyone who might fit into it?


I also want to made one for myself, but plan to measure and fit carefully before I cut or sew.


We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Two of our daughters came to visit and cooked gourmet food. We had such a great time. I love when my girls come to visit.

IMG_5400 IMG_5397 IMG_5393 IMG_5392

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3 Responses to Laurel by Colette

  1. thanks for sharing your experience with laurel. it definitely has potential! i hope you find a home for your beautiful muslin!


  2. sullivan1970 says:

    Beautiful dress, bummer it didn’t fit. I made the same pattern in a wool plaid version last week and had the same issue with length. I didn’t have any additional fabric so I had to add a solid grey band to the bottom to make it decent. Next time I will add 4-6 inches to the length!


  3. Linda says:

    I was wondering what was the finished bust measurements of the dress, I have just made another collette dress and the smallest dress is sooo big on me I was wondering if maybe I did something wrong?



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