Blue Jacket and Dress

Hello Friends,


DownloadedFileDownloadedFile-1I’m finally finished with Vogue 1237! Yeah! It’s been an ongoing project for a few weeks, and now it’s done. I’m very pleased with the outcome too. The blue fabric is a wool blend from and the lining is a thrifted find. The pattern was very straight forward. I cut everything out and graded the size 14 slightly at the hips. I also thought that the neck might be a little too low, so I added a bit there. The little jacket was very cleverly designed with the built in sleeves and the natural openings in the seam for the button holes. It looks very clean without the traditional button hole slits.


The buttons are upcycled from a white hoody that I found at the Goodwill. I often go button shopping there and find just what I want without having to drive 20 miles to the nearest fabric store. I’m sure buttons that size would cost a dollar or more each. My total cost for 8 buttons was $3.50. What a deal!


I love the way the lining is also the facing for the inside of the dress. You sew the neck and sleeves of the lining and the outer fabric right sides together leaving the shoulder open and about two inches on the outside of each  arm hole. Then, you sew the shoulders together and hand sew the small opening that is left.


One feature that I really liked was the way the back slit is designed. You sew a diagonal seam to make a nice mitered corner on each side. I’ve never done that before. The only draw back is that you have to go with the design length. Fortunately, it was a flattering length and was the same as the model on the pattern. I had not planned for that.  Adjusting the hem length is the very las step for me. If you make this dress, consider how long you want it, and adjust the pattern accordingly so that you can keep the great mitered split in the back.


The lining was a great find, however it is definitely a masculine design. It’s filled with pipes, lighters, cuff links, watches, compasses, buttons, pens, tacs, keys, etc. It serves it’s purpose well under this dress and jacket. I really like the idea of fun and quirky lining under an outfit.



My hubbie and I did the quick photo shoot right across the street from our house. We have a few redwood trees growing there and they make a great setting for photos. I’ve taken advantage of it many times.


Enjoy your Saint Patrick’s Day! We had yummy corn beef and cabbage cooked by by sweetie.

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10 Responses to Blue Jacket and Dress

  1. This is a fabulous pattern/make. Love the shape of the shift dress on you, it’s very flattering. And that bolero jacket is gorgeous shape too…fab choice of buttons. And the lining is fabulous….I’d be taking my jacket off all the time so people ‘accidentally’ got to see it.


  2. Alex carlon says:

    Very nice indeed! Lovely. L


  3. Pat says:

    Absolutely stunning! The shape and style are perfect for you. I agree that a fun lining is a must. I’ll admit to spending more money on the lining than the outer fabric a few times – but just a few.


  4. 7cakes says:

    Super classy! Oooh, and I love that lining =D


  5. what a great suit! i love the little jacket and how it really changes the look of the dress. it might also look really good over a white t-shirt and jeans 🙂


  6. Vicki says:

    Is this a vintage reissue? It has such a ’60s look to it. And it suits you so well!


  7. sara says:

    This outfit is such an inspiration. I WANT the jacket so much. Love the look. Great job. You should wear it all to death cause it looks good.


  8. Lee says:

    Lovely job, Barbara! The color and shape really suit you and the lining is darling. Nice to have the time for the details, isn’t it? Love your styling too.


  9. Lovely outift, looks GREAT on you! And I love the story of the lining and the buttons : )


  10. gingermakes says:

    How fabulous! I love this! I found your blog searching for FOs of the Colette Laurel dress, and I’m so glad I did!


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