The Civil-War Era Reproduction Baby Quilt

Hello Friends!

Wow, I’ve been really exploring new avenues of creativity lately. I was so intrigued by the Missouri Star Co. Tutorials, especially the Amazing Jelly Roll Quilt Block by Three Dudes, that I ordered one jelly roll of Civil War Era coordinating prints in pinks and browns. My idea was to try out the Three Dudes quilt block, and make a baby size quilt for an expecting colleague. I worked on it during a few days of vacation time and evenings after work, up until the night before the baby shower.


I ordered the backing through only to find that it was not the right color. I later went to Beverly’s to find a better match. While there, I bought some safety pins that are specifically for basting the sandwiched quilt together. They are so so cool! They have a curved bottom so they slip right in and come up to the top as easy as pie! There is no need to hand-baste with a needle and thread, at least on this smaller project. I followed  different tutorials on-line for sandwiching the back to the front by taping the backing securely to the floor and then smoothing the batting and the pieced quilt on top. The quilting safety pins went in next.



Finally, I discovered that my Pfaff had the attachment and settings for free-motion quilting. I practiced and practiced and then attempted to do it on the quilt. I was not happy. I ended up taking it out. Luckily, I hadn’t done very much before I decided that it wasn’t looking as great as I wanted. I ended up putting the regular foot back on and adjusting the settings back to normal. I started in the middle and quilted around certain design areas, then worked out to the the sides.




The last step was to bind the edges. I cut strips of the left over backing, figured out how to miter the corners, and machine stitched, right sides together, on the quilt side. Then I folded it toward the back and hand-stitched the binding to the back. I love how it turned out and more importantly, the soon-to-be new mom, loves it too.


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3 Responses to The Civil-War Era Reproduction Baby Quilt

  1. Tempest Devyne says:

    Love it Barbara. That looks so precise. Quality sewing!


  2. PollaHolla says:

    I’m the lucky recipient and I have to say it is even so much more beautiful in person!


  3. Missy says:

    What a beautiful quilt! Thanks for linking up!

    -Missy @ So You Think You’re Crafty


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