The T-shirt Yarn Rug

Last weekend I bought ten t-shirts from the thrift with the goal of creating t-shirt yarn to make into a new project. I debated whether to make a bag or a rug, and finally decided to make a small bathroom rug to replace the dull old green one. I bought T’s with the colors of Valentine’s Day in mind, a nice mix of reds, pinks, purples and some complimentary greens. It took one evening to cut and ball the yarn, (if you want to know how I did that, look at my previous post) then I decided that it would take the shape of a small rectangle. I think it is easier than crocheting in the round, adding stitches to make it lie flat. With a rectangle you just add stitches to the corners when you come to them. I used a single crochet stitch, and a double crochet to make a scalloped edge. It’s a little hard to crochet, because the yarn is thick and not very slippery. I even cut the stripes 3/4 of an inch instead of an inch this time so that it might be easier to work with. Still it gives your hands and fingers a bit of a photo-3 photo-4

The cost of the t-shirts was less than $8.00. I love the pop of color that it gives to my bathroom. It doesn’t slide around and feels thick and substantial under your bare feet. Will I make another one? Definitely. It’s an inexpensive upcycle that is colorful and unique and most of all very usable.

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1 Response to The T-shirt Yarn Rug

  1. Love it, fab colours and that border looks fab too. Great upcycling of t-shirts. Not sure I’d have the patience for a mat, but the lunch bag is intriguing me.


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