T-shirt Yarn Little Lunch Bag

After scouring the internet and youtube on how to make T-shirt yarn and then what to make with it, I finally got my opportunity. Hubby gave me three old t-shirts this evening. I immediately started making the yarn, just like all the youtube crafters instructed.  First, cut off the bottom, then measure an inch across all the way up until you get to the sleeves.

photo-3Fold it almost in half, but leave a bit so that the strips come out as one long continuous piece.


Cut across the shirt following the lines but do not cut all the way to the other side.

photo-4It will look like this when you are finished cutting. Open it up and lay the attached par along the top of your leg with the strips hanging down. Do not cut straight across, but skip the corresponding cut side and make a cut across to the second one. Continue in this way until you have cut the whole piece.



Now, find the end and gently stretch the strips so that they curl in on themselves.


photo1Look at the difference! Isn’t that the coolest thing!

Roll your upcycled free yarn into balls.

photo-1I decided to see if I could make a cute little bowl or bag using the three colors. I used a a big crochet hook that fit the size of the yarn or “Tarn” as it is sometimes called. I don’t know the exact size of the hook as it wasn’t labeled. Hopefully you can tell about what size it is by  the picture below.

photo-1It was not the easiest thing to crochet. It took some finger strength, but I was determined to see how it would turn out.

photoI think I’ll use it for a lunch or picnic bag. It’s so cute!


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