Three new aprons


I  used some pieces from my  fabric stash to line these three aprons. Each apron  is printed on a panel of fabric that is  36 by 58. They were on clearance on along with free shipping so I thought I’d try a few. They are very easy to put together.  I  love the circle flounce that goes around the bottom. It’s so much easier than gathering  a ruffle. I suppose you could just turn under all the edges, but l decided to line the main section and encase the straps and the top edged of the ruffle. It gives it more body and looks so much nicer.


Before I sewed them together, I copied the pattern pieces so that I could make up my own aprons with left over fabrics.  I’ve made aprons in the past, but never kept them for myself. This time I’m hanging on to at least two of them. One I will give to a friend for her birthday. I especially like the pink and brown one and the 1940’s cherry themed one. Which is  your favorite?



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4 Responses to Three new aprons

  1. Linda says:

    So so cute! They are all darling, bu I’m with you, the pink and brown one is my favorite as well. What fun they must have been to make. And so well made to boot. I’m jealous.


  2. Love the cherries and teacups, but that pink & brown one is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the pic of the layout….may have to pinterest that for future experimenting with leftover prints.


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