Kazz Queen’s Apron

When I first laid eyes on Kazz’s very Kool Queen’s Sewing Apron, I knew I had to make one. So this is the re-do of the Apron Challenge. I measured and cut two fronts and then began designing the pockets. I had to buy new sheets for my bed so that I would have one of those fine linen bags to cut up. Oh yes, I can use the sheets too. I used an old plastic measuring tape, ribbon, and seam binding to outline the pockets. I didn’t have any foam for the pin cushion (breast plate) on the top, so I used an old thick placemat. I cut it up into four pieces and covered it with some yellow gingham. I made a few vertical rows of stitching on it to hold in place.

After I had all the pockets and trims finished, I pinned on the waist and neck ties, sandwiched them in and sewed the underside to it. I left the bottom open for turning. Once turned and pressed, I zigzagged the edges and sewed the last piece of measuring tape along the bottom. The tape is purposely sewn upside down so that I can see the numbers correctly when measuring something.

Yellow happens to be one of my very favorite colors and this thrifted piece of bottom-weight fabric was just the right choice. I have worn the apron several times already. I like how I don’t have to search for where I just set something down. All those little essential tools are right at my fingertips.

One new item that I purchased, after carefully checking out the contents of Kazz’s pockets, is the tailor’s chalk. It comes in a little plastic case with a tiny metal roller. The chalk rolls out in a very fine line. I bought the yellow out of curiosity and I just love it. I’m going to get a red and blue one next time I’m at the fabric store.

A unique feature to any Kool Kazz Queen’s Sewing apron is the iphone/ipod holder. You can control the functions right through the plastic! I have a small Pinkytoast pin that guides my headphones up and out of the way of any wild scissor snips.

I highly recommend that every seamstress have a sewing apron and a Kazz Queen’s Apron is the best. I don’t know how I managed without one! This is a post that was previously on the Sew Weekly last week December 10,2012.

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1 Response to Kazz Queen’s Apron

  1. so very clever! it’s like a one-man-band for sewing implements 🙂


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