It’s the “Time of the Season” 60’s dress


-2The Facts:

Fabric: floral linen purchased from “Mood” earlier this year
Pattern: Mccall’s 8567
Year: 1966
Notions: One vintage zipper
Time to complete: One evening to cut, another to sew and one morning to hem.
First worn: November 24, just before daughters left for home
Wear again? Probably in the summer, when you can get away with shorter dresses (at my age).
Total price: I can’t remember exactly, but I’m sure it was on sale and not more than $6.00 a yard.

I really love the fabric and I believe it was a great choice for something, mid-sixties. The pattern has a copyright date of 1966, I was 12 that year and in the 6th grade. I was beginning to make many of my own clothes at the time with a lot of help from my mom. She was always there to guide me through cutting, and sewing. This particular style was a favorite of mine, as well as very simple sheath dresses. Later, in high school, my friends and I would make empire style blouses out of paisley, and other popular fabrics. They looked a lot like this pattern, only cut short for a top.


The sleeves are built into the yolk front and the back. A seam down the middle of the sleeve makes the rounded shoulder. It is lightly gathered in the front. The only tricky part is getting the yolk and seam under the arm to fit together.  The size, 18 1/2, bust 39 ended up fitting a bit large, so I took it in along the sides and even shortened the sleeves. It still feels a little large at the top, and not as slimming looking as the models on the cover of the pattern. For that reason, I also made a belt. I had a gorgeous shell buckle that my oldest daughter had given me which was destined to become part of this outfit. I think it really goes well with the colors in the fabric.


One thing I’ve learned about fabric with designs is that often, the pattern repeat only goes in one direction. I always examine the printed design carefully so that I don’t lay my pattern out upside down. As you can see, this fabric has a repeat that only goes one way. I was careful to fit the pieces of the pattern so that the flowers looked the same on the back and the front of the dress.


The dress is also very nice looking without the belt. It will be a great summer shift, and the linen will feel cool on the hottest days.


My daughter, Kim, helped me accessorize and gave me direction during the photoshoot so that I did something other than always but my hand on my hip.

I’ve been busy transferring a lot of my Sew Weekly posts over to my personal blog. I’m not sure what will happen to them after the new year and I want to remember this fantastic year of sewing and not missing even one challenge. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will make it to the end. I think I’ll have to build a new closet though, I have so many new outfits! I haven’t bought any RTW clothes for the entire year. I’m not even interested in shopping for clothes because it is so much fun to make them myself or find great items in the local thrift.


This is the kind of photo trickery we used to do with film cameras. We never new, until later, how it would turn out.

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