Winter Coat


-1Fabric: Mid-weight woven plaid fabric and red lining
Pattern: Butterick 5145
Year: contemporary
Notions: 9 leather covered buttons (could be faux leather)
Time to complete: Forever! One full day and three evenings
First worn: December 3 for photo-shoot
Wear again? I plan to wear it through the holiday season. It’s so warm!
Total price: The fabric was thrifted, the buttons and interfacing were about $25.00


I’ve never made a coat before, so  the winter challenge was the perfect opportunity for me to give it a try. I did a little research on coat-construction and found that it is highly recommended that you underline all of your pieces with interfacing. I didn’t have enough fusible interfacing so I used sew on. I had to carefully sew it on without it stretching or sliding out of place. It took a lot of time.


I followed the directions carefully and had very few hiccups. I took my time, and I was rewarded with this beautiful coat.




I had everything completed except the hem and the buttons, so late Saturday, I practiced making buttonholes. I tried bound buttonholes, tried using a gimp thread under the stitching, and different kinds of thread weights, but finally I decided to just use a heavy duty thread on the top and a normal cotton thread in the bobbin. Although the bound buttonholes look pretty nice on the internet, I just didn’t feel like risking any mistakes. Especially after all the hours I had put into the coat so far.


On Sunday, I stopped at Beverly’s on my way down to visit one of my daughters. I purchased 9 leather buttons. Five for the front, one on each sleeve and two for the back. I made all the buttonholes and attached the buttons on Sunday night.


Monday, after work, I got right to the business of hemming the coat and hemming the lining. I spent four hours doing that part!  The daylight disappears so quickly this time of year, so my husband took some indoor shots for me. I made the little hat as an experiment a few weeks ago. It’s just craft felt, a bit of lace and an inexpensive flower.


I think it looks pretty cute in the pictures, but I don’t think I would actually wear it. Below are a few pictures of the different stages of the coat. I’d like to try it again at some point, but I think I’ll use a fusible woven interfacing for the underlining next time. Happy sewing everyone!

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2 Responses to Winter Coat

  1. Leezee says:

    Phenomenal job of matching plaids! Most of the time people do the obvious ones but can’t get everything to line up properly, so this is probably the best job I’ve ever seen. Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful coat. I hope it’s warm too, since our Chicago weather is really taking a turn for winter these days!


  2. Linda says:

    Bravo! Lovely and so well done. You are a busy girl.


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