What, it’s the middle of summer?

I can’t believe it’s July already and I haven’t posted anything on my blog for ages. I’m finding it hard to keep up with all of the social media places that I have going on. Messages, Facebook, my classroom blog and the Sew Weekly. It’s becoming difficult to keep up with so many and not repeat myself and upload the same pictures 3 or more times.

On that note, I’m going on vacation from Zibergirl.wordpress.com and posting only on The Sew Weekly all that’s sewing related. All the other stuff is really of no interest to the general public and only my family and friends on Facebook really care about what I grew in my garden, or where I went on vacation.
My alloted time for sitting down to a computer and blogging only allows for The Sew Weekly Posts. I appreciate your great comments and feedback on my creative endeavors over there. So I invite comments and questions. Hopefully we contributers on the Sew Weekly are an inspiration to other beginning sewers.

When I get tired of sewing and try something new, I’ll post again. Happy Living Creatively to All!

About SeamQueen

Seamstress, Sewist, Artist, Fashionista, Quilter, Upcycler, Textile Obsessed!
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