Pin Up Girl

This week, over at The Sew Weekly, the theme was to make something that a Pin Up Girl might wear. I did my research and found that most wore almost nothing. I had to come up with something that a respectable grandma might wear and that wouldn’t embarrass the family. Here’s what I did. I made a silky, sleeveless low neck blouse and paired it with a gorgeous blue pencil skirt. The material for the blouse was a thrift store find. The skirt, belt and shoes are also upcycled from thrift stores. The most fun was posing while my hubby took the pictures. Later I spent a few hours in photoshop getting the pics just right. I love how you can erase wrinkles! I used a great pattern: NewLook 6808. I believe the poses look a lot like the pin up style, but I’m not overly exposed.

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1 Response to Pin Up Girl

  1. Leah says:

    WOWZA! Nice poses momma! You look so glamorous in that outfit. Great job. Props to dad on the photography.


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