Here is the Story

A posible plot for a short video

Grandma walks out of her house with her coin purse. She’s headed for the local donut shop. On the way, a quarter falls out of a tear in her purse and rolls down the street. She doesn’t notice and keeps on walking.

A few minutes later a child with headphones and chalk in her hands goes out to play in the quiet street in front of her house. She starts her chalk art.

Within a few minutes a car comes down the road driven by a man who is listening to the radio and talking on his phone. He reaches down to find his work cap. He turns his wheel and would have struck the child.

However, seconds before, the child sees something shiny, the quarter, and skips over to pick it up, thus avoiding being hit by the car. The man doesn’t notice.

The girl’s mother calls her over to the car. They jump in and head for the donut shop. The mother sends the girl in. She gets in line behind the grandma. The man, who was driving the car earlier, is behind the counter waiting on the grandma, who doesn’t seem to have enough money for the donut. She’s fumbling in her coin purse. The man is irritated and in a hurry. The girl sees the grandma’s distress and offers her the quarter.

What is the significance of the man? What does he do next? How does it end?

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