Finally Finally Finally

 It’s been a frustrating experience dealing with offices located on the moon that are directing their employees to service costomers in the wee little town of Willits. (How do you spell that, Mam?) One company, Comcast, had us wait almost two weeks for the scheduled appointment. Then on that day, no one showed.

A call back to the moon, navigating carefully through animated menus. Finally, the answer, “sorry we couldn’t find your house.” (Ever try calling, to ask directions?)

OK, comcast is out. Let’s try ATT. Serious menu navigation, but finally, since you’re buying something, a friendly voice comes on. “It will be turned on Thursday at 8:PM.” They do this through some remote location, probably in India or China. So…….. Thursday rolls around and instead of service, our phone stops working, there’s no dial tone.

Now I have to use precious cell phone minutes to try to solve this problem, Friendly computer voices ask me question after question. Just when I finally get a live one, they can’t hear me and hang up on me. I do this whole routine a few times until I’m so frustrated I actually start to cry. Hubby takes over and gives it a few tries, finally a live voice, she says she’ll call the dispatch office, puts us on hold, she’s also on hold, we wait about 40 precious cell phone minutes. Finally we are informed that the service person is really truely on his way.

After another hour of registering with ATT and setting up the modem, we’re on. WE”RE ON!!!!!

I have terrible thoughts about the big companies, and all of the outsourcing they do. I’m ready for a change. GO OBAHAMA

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