Lanesboro, MN Day Four

Today we took a tour through the Amish District. The Amish would rather not have their pictures taken so you won’t see much of our 3 hour educational tour. It was facinating. Wikipedia pretty  much sums it up under Amish. Kimberly starred in “Man of La Mancha” this evening. We were so awed by her talent! She acted, sang, danced, and was simply charming on stage. I’m sure we’ll see her on Broadway some time soon! 

Enjoy the Video Postcard: The small falls is where the Root River was damned late in the 1800’s to create a tourist attraction for those vacationers coming out from New York by train. They all stayed at a famous hotel that burned down about 10 years later. Lanesboro thrived on tourism and several grain mills at first, but after the hotel burnt down, and the man-made lake silted over, things began to decline. It wasn’t until the 1970’s when the old railroad tracks were paved over, that Lanesboro began to come back to life. Bikers, BnB’ers and theater goers come and go daily.

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