Joy Goodheart and the Mustache Melodrama

This adventure in film making took a few months to make. Actors from the Willits Kids Club, met twice a week, after school for an hour and a half. Costumes and make-up were applied, cameras were placed, and the scenes were shot.  Many scenes were shot out of sequence and several were built around characters’ absences. I imagine that’s what it must be like with the more professional productions.  We had a deadline to meet, so at one point we had to use a stand-in for one of the actors and then do a voice-over at a later date. Several weekends were spent editing and then scoring the production. The drama starts out a little slow and some of my volunteer actors, although commited, spoke a little too softly, and unclear. This was the longest movie that I have done so far. Our other porductions include: The Love Confusion, Hansel and Gretel and over the years, with different casts, The Monsters are Due in Room 12.

This is a lower quality version of the movie, so watch it at its original size. It’s about 20 minutes long, so hang in there. My favorite part is the railroad scene, watch for all the special effects!


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