J. D. Redhouse & CO.


A diamond in the rough. Yes, this diamond is the new J. D. Redhouse Mercantile right in the middle of town. Can you believe that they totally remodeled what used to originally be a mercantile, then a J. C. Penney store, and not too long ago, The Country Mall?

Jon and Darlene Bixler, a young local couple, have done an exceptionally nice job with this gigantic venture. The mercantile carries a little of everything, from clothes and boots, to every pet and farm animal need, and then some. Would you believe coffees, pastries, Cowlick Ice Cream, chocolates and candies galore? Browse the merchandise, enjoy the local photography displayed on giant canvases, and relax with friends and family at one of the oak top tables. Sip a latte and check the web using the free wifi service.

Now the rest of the downtown, the “rough” part, needs to step up to the plate.

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1 Response to J. D. Redhouse & CO.

  1. kris says:

    I am writing this from jds wifi and the atmosphere here is great. I love the food the people and the selection of everything! I would recomend that everyone check this place out


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