Lockdown at Schools

“This is a Lockdown. This is not a drill.” I rushed to lock my door, making sure no students were in the hallway. It happened during my prep, so I didn’t have any students to care for during the lockdown. After about 40 minutes, it was over. Someone had shot two people in the Bank of Willits parking lot. Later we found out the details.

(From Ukiah Daily Journal)

“The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the identities of one of the suspect and one of the victims in Tuesday afternoon’s fatal shooting in Willits.

Necole Sutters, a longtime friend of one of the victims, identified the deceased woman as Jeanette Pinion and her alleged attacker as Brian Lofling.

Pinion and another woman were sitting in a Honda accord in the parking lot of the Bank of Willits at around 12:50 p.m. Tuesday when they were approached by Lofling who allegedly shot them both before turning the gun on himself, said Mendocino County Sheriff’s Capt. Kevin Broin.

The other woman in the car, who police have not identified, suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and was taken to Howard Memorial Hospital for treatment, She is expected to live.

Sutters said the Pinion and Lofling were once a couple but had not been together for many years. Sutters said Pinion had taken a restraining order out against Lofling.”

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    Yeeeeesh. Double yeesh.


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