Honor Teachers


Teachers wore their “Honor Teachers” shirt to the school board meeting this evening in order to demonstrate our united front for a fair percent of COLA. Several teachers spoke, including my husband:

     ” ……….It’s a bit shocking for me, and a bit insulting,  that your idea of a fair share of the district-wide cola for us is 1.5%.   Your opening offer last year was zero percent.  In the spring, you went to 1%,  and last month you raised the offer to 1.5%, and immediately asked to go to impasse when we didn’t accept it.   

 A district’s biggest asset is its teachers.   I don’t know anybody who isn’t implementing new curriculum these days.  I don’t know anybody who doesn’t talk about standards and benchmarks and multiple assessments.  Best Practice has been put in practice.  Student Study Team meetings, (SST’s) are proving time-consuming, but invaluable.  And just last week, 120 teachers and administrators were  introduced to some new and promising guidlines for working as a professional partnership at each site.  They are  called  Professional Learning Communities, (PLC’s).  

 In nine days, WTA and the district meet at the first mediation session.   Remember, we are looking for fair.   Teachers are asking you to come to negotiate an agreement that is fair for teachers, too.  After all, we have other priorities to work on together before the February election.”
 Thank you.

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