The Call

The girl sat in the corner of the dank dark shack behind the studio. Her feet were tied together, and tape bound her hands behind her back. She moaned and tried to scream, but no sound could be heard from behind the gag in her mouth. Her captors were next door boozing it up, laughing, and playing around with the band instruments.  She strained her bound hands toward her pocket. Slowly and painfully she was able to guide her cell-phone out onto the floor. With her finger she quickly hit the send button.

“Hello? Hello? Mom, it’s Kim. She’s texting. She says to listen.”

“What is it? Is that music? It’s not coming through very clear.” the worried parent imagined the worst. What was going on? Why wasn’t she speaking?

“Hmm, she hung up. She’s texting, she says she can’t talk.  Oh, here’s a call again. It’s more of that same music.” Both sister and mother gave each other puzzling looks as they listened to the eiry sound of the distant music.

“Oh my god! She’s been kidnapped!” the mother suddenly put all of the clues together. The sister dialed 911. The police traced the cell-phone call. The phone rang at Detective Luke Attore’s desk in Austin, Texas. Twenty minutes later a foot crashed through the shack door and the girl was rescued.


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2 Responses to The Call

  1. linglingling says:

    Kim sure is dumb. Why wouldn’t she just text “I’ve been kidnapped.” Seems like a simpler way to be rescued. Next time your kidnapped Kim, use your brain!


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