The Ropes Course

The field trip to the ropes course is designed as a team-building activity for the participating groups. I took my 7th grade students today along with another class and their teacher. In the morning we were met by two instructors and led to where we would store our belongings and lunches. Immediately the students began to participate in games designed to strengthen cooperation, communication and listening skills. Throughout the morning session of ground activities, the students were challenged to acquire these skills.

So the challenging morning passed, some kids getting it, others pulled aside for reminders of appropriate behavior. And then there was lunch! Hungry kids gobbled their food and at last headed for the ropes course. While everyone laughed at how they looked in their gear, others began to butt heads with the helmets and snap each other with the hanging belts of the harnesses. Reminders again, plus threats to sit-out if they didn’t shape up.

So the afternoon proceeded with all of the above-ground activities. The most popular is the Zip Line. Only a few chickened out and came back down the way they went up.

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